Three different types of Partnership Marketing and Promotional Opportunities at CHS Birmingham!

Imagine how your reputation can soar when you work alongside other successful brands. Through event sponsorship, you can leverage this power of collective credibility.  

Why use sponsorship at Exhibitions?  

Sponsorship is increasingly popular amongst businesses that want to grow fast and reach large-scale targeted audiences. Using sponsorship as a tool you can:  

  1. Increase brand visibility 
  1. Target your marketing  
  1. Positively influence consumer perception 
  1. Increase lead generation 

For our very first Show at CHS Birmingham, we’ve split Sponsorship into three sections so we can tailor our packages to suit your individual event strategies and marketing mix. We also have some fantastic pre-designed packages that will help you gain serious traction with our target audience.  

Different types of sponsorship opportunities at events 

Digital Sponsorship 

Digital signage, screens or banners across the ICC, exploding with what your brand has to say! Some of these can be booked for the full day or could be a rolling message between other exhibitors. It is an effective and eye-capturing way to have your brand recognised throughout the Show.  

Some digital sponsorship opportunities at CHS Birmingham include:   

  • Digital signage 
  • TV Screens and rolling Show floor banners/ ads 
  • Mall experiential screens 

Online Sponsor Opportunities 

CHS Birmingham is an appointment led Show, so advertising that you’ll be there and what you can do is paramount to getting super-hot leads booked in your diary before the Show starts, and Event Profs lining up to meet with you at the Show.  

There are lots of various options available, depending on the budget you have, but these are just two of our favourites, that see an amazing ROI: 

  • Before/after Show e-marketing  
  • Social media campaigns 

Print Opportunities 

Print at Shows can be seriously fun! Lead attendees directly to you, send them on a quest to find treasure located at your stand and make an impact by increasing your brand exposure. Of course, this year it’s a little different until we are fully back to normal – BUT THAT SAID, the opportunities are still endless when creativity is involved – our industry has proven this time again this year.  

  • Printed leaflets in goody bags* 
  • Floor vinyl’s 
  • Adverts in the Show Guide* 
  • Pillar wraps  

Partnership Marketing and Promotional Activities help your business increase its credibility, improve its public image, and build prestige. Like any form of marketing, used strategically, you can attract good buyers, and generate lots of interest in your products and services.  

Get in touch with Clair Whitecross, Sales Director today to discuss the many different options available.  

(*Covid-19 restrictions permitting on some items listed in our blog) 

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