How to get your little black book filled with superstar Event Prof bookings!

It’s been a really, REALLY, long time waiting for many of us to get back to the real social networks! And you might feel a little rusty when it comes to pinpointing and identifying amazingly new relationships that could blossom into super-hot leads. But, no fear! Our little How-To guide will explain tips to get your little black book, filled with Event Prof bookings! 

  1. Tell everyone you’re exhibiting/attending an event!  

The trick is, the more people that know you’re going, the more appointments you can prebook into your diary. This means you can optimise your time, by allocating set periods of appointments and time for networking. 

A great way to share that you’ll be at CHS Birmingham is using our sharing platform here. 

  1.  Do your homework in advance 

Once you have agreed to meet buyers, make sure you do your homework! Check out any latest company news, updates from their LinkedIn or past bookings history you may have with them. By doing this it demonstrates that you care about your rapport and gives you things to talk about (other than the weather, how long it’s been and your new lockdown hobbies). 

  1. Plan ahead – take enough hand outs and business cards 

It’s a strange one to write, after last year and the pandemic! But, if the covid-secure rules permit, make sure to take ample handouts, giveaways or business cards – there’s isn’t anything worse than an email address scribbled-on piece of scrap paper! 

When you get there…  

  1. What does your body language say? 

The jury is out on exactly how much of all communication is non-verbal. Some sources say it is as much as 93%. What is clear, is that much of the meaning we deliver to our listeners will come from what we do rather than what we say. 
With that in mind, it might be a good idea to rehearse how you will approach your networking. Practise before the event, and make sure you are giving the best possible impression to your listener.  

  1. Listen 

Have you ever had a conversation with someone and thought, “they’re not even listening to me?” it’s a fact that not many people know HOW to listen, instead are just hearing what is said and communicating off what they want to hear… make sure you don’t do that! You’ll be a better conversation that way. 

  1. Remember, quality over quantity 

Contrary to the blog title, networking isn’t about meeting millions of people, but about creating quality conversations. Think to yourself, “Can I help this person in any shape or form with my products or services?” Or, “do I know anyone that could help this person?”  

After an event 

  1. Networking doesn’t stop when the event ends 

Once the event is over and everyone goes home, the conversations shouldn’t stop there. There’s a possibility you’ll have created a healthy pipeline of leads, or a contact list full of new names, email addresses and companies. Instead of just adding these to the Christmas card mailer or the monthly e-newsletter; reach out to them by phone or email after the Show and continue your conversations. Pretty basic, but very effective!  

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