Personal and Professional Growth at CHS Birmingham

Many sectors of the economy were drastically affected by the pandemic but it’s no surprise that the hospitality industry was one of the hardest hit globally. Following the temporary (and in some cases, permanent) closure of hotels, venues and suppliers; many event professionals were forced to search alternative employment where their skills could be transferred elsewhere. Unfortunately, many haven’t returned.

As live events return and our industry bounces back, this departure has led to a noticeable skills gap amongst the hospitality workforce. This has become evident as we now attempt to re-build, recover and return to pre-pandemic business levels. 

For those individuals that were able to remain in their roles, many found themselves carrying out tasks that they simply weren’t employed to do. Many haven’t received the training and development that they would normally have been offered and so now that skills gap needs to be filled. On a personal level, it’s clear that the pandemic affected us all in different ways depending on our own personal circumstances, no two experiences were the same and as we come out the other side, we are all simply learning to re-adjust to a life post pandemic, however that looks.

The Growth Show

As we all learn to plan ahead once again, our team at CHS Events understands that for us to move forward, there needs to be growth both personally and professionally. We know how important it is to be fulfilled in all aspects of our lives and. Investment in these areas is essential for us to be the best that we can be. Our events are designed to recognise and support the need for this growth and our forthcoming CHS Birmingham taking place at the ICC, aptly named ‘The Growth Show’ will do just that.

With many event professionals having to put their careers on hold and do what’s necessary to support their businesses – now is the time to focus on Growth. We will take this opportunity to focus on new ways to motivate, inspire and grow the talent that these brilliant people have through our fun-filled and focussed one-day event. Our attendees will also have the opportunity to check out brand new venues, hotels and event suppliers to add to their little black book, be inspired by our educational sessions in a funky ‘silent disco’ style and get back to networking face-to-face – just what we all do best! 

Here at CHS Events, the last two and a half years have certainly been a challenging time. However, we have remained true to our values and are so grateful to still be here, doing what we love and supporting our wonderful industry as it moves forward into 2023 and beyond.

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