Birmingham…made for events. An incredible summer of sport and culture. 

Hands up who wants to host one of the world’s biggest sporting events? 

Birmingham…ready for any event.

Birmingham has long been a world-class events destination. As the UK’s second city, it hosts events of all shapes, sizes and types from around the world. From international conventions and medical conferences, corporate product launches and international association conventions.

The city also has a long history of hosting political party conferences which require incredible event expertise considering logistics and security.  And then there is sport; the city is already a proud home to athletics, cricket, football, badminton and gymnastics to name a few. This is understandable when you know the city’s sporting heritage.  Did you know that lawn tennis and the world’s first football league were invented in Birmingham? Numerous medals and trophies have also been made in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter!

So it was no surprise then to see Birmingham announced as the host for this summer’s 2022 Commonwealth Games. It was also no surprise to those who know and love the city that it would be organising it in a record 4.5 years instead of the usual 7 years that is normally given.  Birmingham is made for events, it knows how to use its expertise and infrastructure to deliver unforgettable experiences, and the challenge of organising an event of this scale was an incredible once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be embraced and enjoyed.

What was really special about the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games was how the destination delivered an event that was a success on a number of different levels, not just for the incredible athletes who took part. 

And it did just that. 

The Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games was the biggest sporting and cultural event ever to be held in the West Midlands. It saw 6,500 athletes and 14,000 volunteers come together along with over 1.5million spectators, making it the most popular Commonwealth Games ever to be hosted in the UK.

It was also important that the Games made a wider impact and statement. That’s why it was fantastic to see that the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games was the first of its kind to award more medals to women than men. It had the largest ever integrated para programme at a Games, hosted the first ever Commonwealth Esports Championships and at the same time was the most sustainable in its history. 

And who could forget the incredible Opening and Closing Ceremonies, which bought together the region’s rich and diverse heritage and culture and showcased it to the world. 

Our destination has been a proud event host for decades. Birmingham and West Midlands Convention Bureau has been working with event organisers for 40 years, creating smooth and enjoyable events to provide exciting delegate experiences for all. Not every event can be at the scale of the Commonwealth Games, but they can all be just as exciting and rewarding when they are held here in Birmingham and the West Midlands. 

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