CHS Birmingham Looks to Bring Confidence Back into the Industry

The inaugural CHS Birmingham event will take place on 26th October with the show organisers aiming to inject confidence into the meetings and events industry. The exhibition could not be better times, and represents one of the first exhibitions, focusing on the meetings and events industry, to take place since the easing of lockdowns. CHS […]

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How to get your little black book filled with superstar Event Prof bookings!

It’s been a really, REALLY, long time waiting for many of us to get back to the real social networks! And you might feel a little rusty when it comes to pinpointing and identifying amazingly new relationships that could blossom into super-hot leads. But, no fear! Our little How-To guide will explain tips to get your little black book, filled with […]

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CHS Birmingham is postponed to Spring 2021

The organisers of CHS Birmingham have announced that the show will be moved to Spring 2021, following discussions with exhibitors, stakeholders, the event’s venue and its Advisory Board. The exhibition will now take place 20 April 2021, however the organisers will also be running a series of smaller ‘buyer meetings’ in October to support exhibitors and give […]

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