COVID-Secure at CHS Birmingham

COVID-Secure at CHS Birmingham

We take your health and safety very safety. This is our plan to keep you safe at CHS Birmingham.

The world is changing, and things are going to feel a little different.

Different but not too different. Despite everything you’re about to read, it’s important to remember, you’re still at a CHS Group exhibition, and we like to make sure a bit of personality is present in every event we do. If we couldn’t do things our way, we wouldn’t be hosting this show.

So, have a read. These are the processes that have been put in place so you can have a safe, clean and hygienic experience at the show, but also a productive one. It’s because of these measures, create in partnership with our host venue, our accommodation partners and the wider West Midlands Region, that we have been confident to build what we see as a uniquely special event.

We can’t wait to welcome you to Birmingham and to be a part of getting this great industry to doing business again.

Emma, CEO and Founder

Four Pillars of Critical Success:

Physical distancing

We have introduced so many new measures to physically distance and to keep you safe. We are introducing Crowd Density Standard (CDS) to our Show that will help us to move around safely, registration will be staggered, along with admission and our floorplan one way with larger aisles and exhibition stands.

To make things easier, each panel is one metre – you just need to remember to be either one or two metres apart from another person. Food will be pre-packaged, and handshakes banned.

We also have a fabulous new ticket Hosted from Home ticket option, allowing Buyers to view the show from home.


Working with the ICC, cleaning and hygiene countermeasures have been maximised to protect guests. Touch points throughout the day will be cleaned with sanitiser stations made available throughout the Show and the grounds of the ICC, regular removal of waste management and stand cleaning will also be undertaken.

Protect and Detect

Extra care will be taken and emphasis on ensuring that each visitor, exhibitor and staff member, before each day of the run up to the show, checks for symptoms and takes the necessary actions.

Covid-19 symptoms are listed on the NHS website here. If you are presenting symptoms you must stay at home and get a test DO NOT ATTEND CHS Birmingham. Contact tracing will be in place at the Show.

Please download our Covid-Secure Document to read our FULL countermeasures, available here.

Get your Boss to sign off your attendance.

Download our Covid-Secure Document to demonstrate the safety precautions we are taking and the reasons you should attend to your boss.


Our Comms Strategy is always really important to us at CHS, and this year it’s no different. We will make sure we are always in touch with any updates, particularly around our policy on Covid-Secure. During the run up to the Show we will be in touch about how we will keep you safe on the day and how registration will work; you will see extra signage and public addresses for extra reassurance, plus social media posts and blogs to help keep you informed. We cannot wait to welcome you to our show.

If you have any questions, queries or concerns, please get in touch with us at and a member of our team will be in contact!

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