Hosted From Home

Hosted From Home


If you can’t be there; feel like you’re there

In our mind, virtual or digital event experiences can often be quite challenging because they just try to take the live event and broadcast it to the out of room audience. At CHS Group, we feel this is a vital misstep and forgets why people really like to come to events. For us, it’s all about how the event makes you feel, not how it’s delivered. What alienates the ‘visitor’ is a feeling of detachment. So, we’re looking to put it right with our Hosted from Home concept.

The Hosted From Home Ticket is for you IF:

  • You’re a Venue Finder, Event Planner, or Event Agent
  • On a travel ban
  • Or part of a shielded cohort

BE A PART OF IT: At Home is our way of creating a memorable experience for some of the most important guests we have, our visitor and buyer community. If we can make you feel part of the event, invited and welcome, you will get more value from the experience. Hosted From Home is not just about digital content and virtual experience, but real-life feelings too.

What’s Included When You’re
Hosted From Home

Being Hosted From Home means you’ll feel as PART OF IT as you would on the day.

  • Access to the Hosted From Home Lounge, hosted by Samme Allen
  • Access to three 30 minute networking sessions throughout the day with CHS Birmingham exhibitors
  • Experience the show with our live feeds
  • A VIP goody box sent to you packed with lots of fab gifts and items for you to enjoy the shows plus special prize draws
  • Exclusive backstage access interviews with our speakers, exhibitors and sponsors including our keynote speaker! so you feel the experience of being at the ICC
  • End the day with celebrating at the Aftershow Party

Through the initiative, you can access all the show’s content, the exhibiting community, and even the hospitality elements, be it nice food, ‘room service’ or memorable gifts. It means you can engage, through your own ‘on-site’ schedules, with the conference programme through a dedicated moderator; you can even feel and smell the event through some special gifts we have planned. In short, you feel the energy of the event.  

As a Hosted from Home guest, you can access the exhibition from wherever you are, be it working from home, in the office or travelling overseas. It is a concept we believe in very deeply because we can’t be of service to our remote guests unless we can make you feel a part of it.

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