Gravitas: How to Get Your Message Across with Confidence & Assertiveness

3:00 - 3:30pm, MAIN STAGE View Programme
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What does it take to get your voice heard, with clients, colleagues and teams? Gravitas is a crucial skill for business success. People who access their personal gravitas build stronger relationships, handle challenges more effectively and communicate with greater confidence and assertiveness.

In this keynote, developed especially for event planners, agents, venue finders and EAs/PAs, TEDx speaker and Business Coach Antoinette Dale Henderson reveals the six qualities that people with gravitas share and presents a model that enables you to develop your own gravitas.

Packed with with practical, real-world techniques from her book, Leading with Gravitas, you’ll come away with a clear understanding of the steps you can take to communicate with confidence and assertiveness, as well as:

  • Increased self-awareness relating to your leadership brand, personal impact and how to enhance your gravitas
  • Techniques for communicating authoritatively, when networking, presenting, during meetings and one-to-one
  • Insights on how to make an impact through your body language, voice, image and style

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